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Is Virgin Coconut Oil really the healthiest oil on earth?

Testimonials for Virgin Coconut Oil

I had a cast on my broken arm for eight weeks and the only relief I got from the itching and soreness was when I aimed the coconut oil at it with a long handled spoon.  When I lifted my arm and felt the oil run down, it was blissful!  J. Harrison - UK

Having taken coconut oil for a week, I have lost 3 lbs.  Rick - UK

I have had a lifelong problem.  As a child I started to have herpes once a month, and also chronic thrush since my 20’s when I took penicillin.  I had one or the other at least once a month.  Since I have used coconut oil in my diet it has completely gone and never recurred, except on the one occasion I stopped using coconut oil.  U.S., Sevenoaks, Kent 

I am heavily involved in charities and am addressing a meeting next week of sufferers of fibromyalgia, ME and hypothyroidism.  I believe most strongly that FM and ME are merely a lack of thyroid hormone.  Both my son and I have hypothyroidism and he has found it very difficult to lose weight, but has managed to shed a stone and a half using the coconut oil in conjunction with an adaptation of a well known diet.  Anne Crashley - UK

Thanks to virgin coconut oil I have been OFF medication for almost 2 years now; the coconut oil has been a blessing.  Thank you.  GMW

I am very pleased with virgin coconut oil.  I have put on 6lbs in weight which is very welcome.  Also, I am eating less paradoxically; it is quite clear that my absorption of nutrients has improved.  Bruce Hunter  

I recently bought some coconut oil (and Bruce Fife's book) as a way of regulating my underactive thyroid gland and have been thrilled with the results.  My energy is greatly improved, I've lost a couple of pounds over the past week and a very welcome by-product is that my cellulite appears to be receding!   Catherine Parkes - UK

Before using coconut oil, I always burned and peeled when I went in the sun.  I have been using coconut oil as a sun protection for the last two summers and I haven't burned or peeled, and I get a deep golden, natural tan that just lasts and lasts.  It's wonderful.  Sylvie - UK 

I have to say what a great product this is.  Over the weeks that I've been taking it I have had so much more energy (like I used to be before I developed a thyroid problem). It's wonderful for my hair - makes it lovely and soft, and I use it on my skin which had gone dry (with the thyroid problem). It's early days to say if it's made a difference with the goitre (lump in throat) and reducing my weight.  I have introduced my mother to the oil, and it has cleared up her skin problem.  We have both found that we feel cleaner inside, so for us virgin coconut oil is a must!   Mrs Vanessa Broadhurst - UK

Just to say I have now nearly finished my first tub of VCO and am truly amazed!  I have MS and heart problems including high cholesterol and believe also that I have an underactive thyroid although so far blood tests are showing normal.  Simply, I have 99% of symptoms. I already feel a general improvement and enjoy eating the oil in various ways including neat from the tub.  My finger nails are growing like mad - strong too!!  Antoinette - UK 

I thought you might like to know that I have been using virgin coconut oil for a few months now on my family, my dogs, and myself!  I am giving my English Springer Spaniels one teaspoon a day in their food - and they just love it. I have saved myself quite a few visits to the vet too. My young puppy had a sore ear and I used this coconut oil for a couple of days and it cleared up - I have also used it for scratches, itches and sores  - all with great results.  I have run some “trials” with the help of six other dog owners, all with excellent results.  Dogs and cats too suffer with hypothyroidism and there are many animals out there suffering with this condition that might benefit from using your product.  I have told many people coconut oil and this website - so watch this space.  Lesley Bloomfield - UK

Five years ago I started getting red patches on various parts of my body. Eventually it was diagnosed as Acute Urticaria. The worst was on my feet, these felt like chilblains – hot, red and itchy. Sometimes they would appear on my left foot near my toes and for the next 72 hours they would bounce across my feet – left foot toes, right foot arches, left foot heels, left foot outside edge, then back to right foot toes again. When it was on my hands, especially my thumbs, it would engorge the skin to the extent that blood vessels would burst under the skin. Skin allergy tests were inconclusive, but I found if I avoided dairy foods this seemed to help. I also took antihistamines and, when the pain was severe, Ibuprofen tablets.

Last month I was introduced to coconut oil.  I have 1 tablespoon on my toast in the morning with Marmite. Then the other 2 tablespoons I put in my lunchtime sandwich. In the past 5 weeks I have not had any antihistamine tablets. The few times my skin has gotten hot and itchy (these are the first signs of an Urticaria outbreak) I simply rub a small amount of coconut oil on to the affected area and within ˝ hour it has subsided. I have now been able to enjoy pizza and chocolate again - no more checking ingredients for dairy products.  Margaret Burn -  UK

Note: These testimonials are reproduced as we receive them except for the correction of typos or shortening where required. These testimonials are for information only and do not imply that the results achieved will be achieved in every case or that these are typical results. 

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